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Project development

Development risks relate to the risk that the development process cannot be completed or only after significant unforeseen delays. For example, a zoning not be changed or planning permission be granted. For large delays, may particularly interest costs increase dramatically. We as developer are an independent company, focused on the development of usage concepts and the actual construction subcontract to third parties. Project development companies are also for being part of a construction (called developing builders).  We focus on three kind of services:

  • 1: Real estate development and real estate management.
  • 2: Business development and business management.
  • 3: Project development and project management.

 Leadership and management are often recognized as two complementary functions. However, development is another, separate function that is important for success. Differences we offer

  • Leadership provides the objectives and the path to achieving the objectives, and should empower people.
  • Leader works on where we want to be and how we will get there.
  • Management focuses on implementation, and on controlling, arranging and directing resource and expenditure usage.
  • Manager works on what's happening now.
  • Development moves the project toward reaching a satisfactory outcome.
  • Project developer definition: Project developer handles tasks that focus on moving the project along toward a successful completion.
  • Project developer works on connecting now with what should happen next, toward reaching the project's objectives.

Development has to do with motion toward an outcome. Accordingly, developer has to understand the inner dynamics of the project, the objectives and how to reach them. It is important to make sure that leadership, management and development roles and skills are all represented among project participants, and the participants are willing and able to use the needed skills.

Based on my personal experience I can say that leadership, management and development roles and task areas can be distributed between different project participants in different ways. However, it is important to project's success that all three roles and task areas are addressed during the project development processes.