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The Company aims at mobilizing financial resources to be invested in projects that meet a number of basic criteria, including transfer of know-how and provision of expertise in new technologies. The Company strives to optimize the use of comparative advantages in some countries through the creation of local integrated industries that can compete in both regional and international markets. Dutch Star B.V is always keen on diversifying its investment portfolio on sectoral and geographical bases in order to minimize risks, secure a rewarding and stable return on investments and making it possible for all partners to benefit from its resources. As such, the Company is constantly striving to cooperate and coordinate with financial institutions, stock companies, investment guarantee and export promoting institutions, industry and investment promoting agencies worldwide. In this respect, the Company is continuously identifying and developing available investment opportunities and participating in the promotion and investment in viable projects.

Dutch Star B.V is operating worldwide and located in 3 different countries. The portfolio consisted 8 sectors namely construction, agriculture, energy petrochemicals. banks, non-banking financial institutions, tourism, real estate, telecommunications and health services. 

Dutch Star B.V Co-operates with 22 banks worldwide.